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JIEXIN is a professional cosmetic tube manufacturer in wholesale custom cosmetic tubes, cosmetic bottles & jars. It focus on personal care tubes, PE Tubes. aluminum cosmetic tubes, eco-friendly tubes. Squeeze tubes, laminated tubes with various caps. Lip gloss tubes, eye cream tubes, cosmetic lotion tubes and more, all cosmetic tubes can be made from different materials, such as plastics, , aluminum, PCR, sugarcane, kraft paper, etc. They are applicable for various cosmetics & skincare products, ointment, toothpaste and more. Take a tour at Jiexin wholesale cosmetic packaging center online and drop us a line for cosmetic packaging in need. JIEXIN  always is here to back you up.








JIEXIN offers cosmetic container that makes sure your brand is noticed !

Suitable for: Sunscreen Tube Diameter: 35mm Filling Capacity: 40-100ml
Suitable for: Skin care essence,emulsion,cream Bottle Diameter: 50mm Filling Capacity: 120-300ml Bottle Material: PET
Suitable for: shampoo, body wash Bottle Diameter: 55mm Filling Capacity: 120-300ml Bottle Material: PET
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